Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It's not even officially summer yet...but the temperature sure thinks it is. WOW!! it's hot! Today, the temperature was 93 but the feel-like-temp was 100. And it was even hotter in Florida.

I had recently set up a play date with all my friends from homeschooling when I am in Florida. It was going to be at an outside park....It's huge!!! But one friend called today at 10 am Florida time, and asked if we could change to an indoor location. It was already 94 degrees that early in the morning. We had just come back inside and I was glistening sweat...so I readily agreed. I can't wait to see all my friends. The last time I saw them all was 2 years ago. Now, more friends have kids...it's going to be so much fun. I hope I can sneak in some pictures of the kids and ourselves together.

With this heat comes headaches for me...I don't know what it is...but I have had 1 every day this week. Sometimes, they go away throughout the day, but still they return with a vengeance. I am trying to drink more fluids...hoping that's the cause. Currently, my headache is gone...but also the kids are at Grandma's house with Jed...so, could they be kid induced??? hmmmm...makes me think....lol

Mid flip for Dakota


Before the heat got too intense, we played outside today....Jumping, splashing, running, spraying...you know...the whole nine yards of fun in the sun!

Dakota said that he was surfing!

And to let you all know...remember the talk about Sit ups? Well, I am half way through the month...I have completed 1520 Sit ups/crunches, so far, for the month of June. Only 1480 left to go....meaning 15 days left.

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Annie said...

OMG, the temperature is so hot at least for us here no matter is day or night.

Do you have some places (free) that we could visit because we are going to Orlando in July. We are going to Disney but is a 10 days trip, any advices?