Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 7...with weekend fun added

On the way to Waxahachie...beautiful day!

It is Day 7 of the Sit ups far, I am doing pretty good. I missed Saturday for doing my sit ups, but made up for it by doing 200 Sit ups in small increments all day Sunday. 700 Sit ups down....2,300 Sit ups to go. That means 23 days left of this Challenge...woohoo! It might just be in my mind, but my abs feel a bit tighter...underneath the fluffy exterior. :)

This past Friday, we spent the day at the pool of my SIL's family. The kids had a good time...swimming, jumping, know, all that pool kind of stuff.

Lily...double UV protection..can't be too safe :)
~She was wearing hers and Dakota's glasses~

Dakota jumping in the pool to Aunt Brittiany

Saturday, we left bright and early for Waxahachie, see Great Grandma GG. She is Jed's great grandmother and the kids' great great grandmother. Saturday was her 91st birthday. She is looking fantastic for 91. I hope and pray that I look as good as she does when I am that age. After spending the morning and lunch at GG's, we headed into Dallas and hit the malls. I ♥ shopping!! I found a few deals for myself and the kids. It's always fun spending time with family.

Happy Birthday to GG!

Sunday was a down day for me...I woke up feeling lousy...sore throat, headache, muscle aches....I believe it was sinus crud that just knocked me off my feet....I still feel a bit lousy, but not as bad as Sunday.

Lily ♥'s boots...These are both Dakota's...wears them at any chance she can sneak them on
Today, the kids and I started our 1st day by ourselves. Jed had to go to Jackson, MS to help suck out vats at different job locations. Due to this Oil Spill in the Gulf....most of the Vat trucks from his company are down off the coast of New Orleans helping with the clean up of the he is inland, doing work. He is only supposed to be gone for a few days....but you never realize how much someone does until they are not there. I talk with him via Facebook Chat and earlier on the phone. He misses us...I miss him, too. The kids just think Daddy hasn't come home from work yet...I think it might hit them tomorrow afternoon. We'll see. So far...the kids have been pretty good....bedtime was a struggle (Jed usually does this part) but I have one asleep and one almost asleep...I say...pretty good!

Today...we met my sister and her kids at the splash park...and they all had fun playing together...from left to right--> Dakota, Cash, Samantha, and Lily.

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