Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I couldn't ask for a better husband. He is truly a rare find. Priceless.

We have known each other for 9 years. I remember meeting him on a mission trip to New Orleans. We talked almost the entire bus ride back to the church. It took maybe 2 months before he asked me out after that. And I agreed to give him 1 "courtesy date". We still laugh about it...I did tell him about calling our first date a courtesy date (the college president's wife always told us to give the guy a chance...at least 1 courtesy date and then make your decision. Don't just blow him off right at the beginning..give him a chance.) And look what 1 courtesy date turned into!! Amazing!

In May, Jed and I will celebrate our 7 year anniversary. We have 2 children and 1 on the way....It's amazing how things start out and then continue on and on and on and on.

Congratulations (again) to my wonderful hard working husband. He placed 3rd in overall commission-able sales and placements with his company last year. That's 3rd place in a company of over 4,000 employees

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Annie said...

Amazing, congratulations to him.

I see the pictures of your trip, beautiful place.