Friday, March 25, 2011

Late night, er-Early morning Musings

It's my mini vacation and I can't sleep...go figure! I think it has to do with the time change. I was so exhausted after the flights, registration at the resort, and then just the excitement of being here..that I'm sure I looked like a zombie at dinner. I think it's a 2 hour difference here from Texas time...So, really, it would be 5 in the morning. I slept for a few hours and now I am up and flipping wide awake.
Jed had a good time at the Welcome dinner. He was hobnobbing with a few big wigs. He was able to talk with the guy who was over parts distribution for the entire company. It amazed me at all that he knows about the different machines, etc. He was also talking with one of the vendors that so down to earth. He is a vendor of Kimberly-Clark. They sell the hand wipes to SafetyKleen. I told Jed to stay in good with that dude...His company also makes Huggies and Kotex:) lol
So, that's the happenings here. Oh! and it was freezing this evening...I was wearing a skirt and sometime today, we are going shopping to find some pants for the night time events. The outdoor heaters were nice...But in the desert area and having the welcome dinner on the driving range was a bit too chilly for me. I think the next few group activities will be indoors. A lot of the other guests were in the same boat as myself. It was neat to meet people from all over the nation. I even saw some delegates from Canada.
This resort is GORGEOUS!! On our way to dinner, we saw rabbits and quail...I should have taken my camera with me...Don't worry, it is going with me today.


Annie said...

Stay calm and enjoy it.

Kristi said...

Can't wait to see some pics!