Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life is.....CRaZy!

Dakota playing in the creek

Sorry I haven't posted anything since Monday....I tried to get on Tuesday evening to post a Way Back When-esday post, but my computer wasn't a fan of blogger that day or for the next day...crazy computer!!

The kids have been ....let me tell a bit of moods this week. It must the time change in addition to "spring is in the air", and Spring break on top of all that. One minute...happiest kids in the world. You couldn't find a kinder brother or sister. Then within a blink of an eye, it's crazy time at our house. One whining about "that's mine!" the other hollering "You ARE NOT THE BOSS!!! Mommy is the boss!!"

Pregnancy is going good... I have never been this tired in all my life. I could sleep all day, wake up to eat and shower and then go back to bed. (wouldn't that be the life?!) I am so forgetful lately, if I already posted about this..just skip on down to the next paragraph. This pregnancy, coffee makes me so sick. I am so used to having my daily coffee...and now, It's just water or decaf tea ( the kids love tea, but I don't like when they have all the caffeine). I hope by the 2ND trimester, this little one will let Momma enjoy a small cup every now and then.

The kids enjoyed a sunny picnic lunch ..It was shady when I put the blanket down....but now sunny. Of course, just in time for the candid photo!

the house...before we started doing any home improvements

Not quite this is still a work in progress...but looking good thanks to my mother in law and Boo

Lily got into Mommy's nail polish this week...She wanted pink toes and that is just what she gave herself!! She was SOOO proud of her pink toes!


Anonymous said...

it looks fantastic Joy!! Like the garage was alway like that.

Christopher said...

looks good joy!!!

Christopher said...

oops, its meghs, didnt realize chris signed me out of my gmail account@

"Grammy" Sue B said...

Have you converted the garage to another room, perhaps a bedroom for #3? YAY Smith Family!