Sunday, March 27, 2011

Home from Arizona

The natural beauty of Arizona

I know everyone loves to get away from it all every now and then...I am one that LOVES to!! But not for very long. I miss my house, my kiddos, my day-to-day kinda get the picture, right?!

So........You can probably guess what I am going to say next...I am SO HAPPY to be HOME! To be able to kick my feet up, watch my TV, drink Sweet Tea (yes, the resort did not have Sweet Tea), have transportation at my leisure, and most of all...See, Hear, and Hug my wonderful kiddos.

The resort was FABULOUS!! Everything was done top notch. And right now, I am super tired. The 2 hour time zone difference in addition to being pretty much in an airport or airplane most of the day....It has a way of being exhausting.

Enjoy some of the pictures for now.

Walking back to the room from breakfast, I stopped for a photo...side view of Baby #3...they say you show early, I BELIEVE THEM!! 3 months along

Jed has the right idea of relaxation...I would love to have a big bathtub like this in my house

Breakfast on the Terrace

My strong Husband...holding up one of the Boulders

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