Monday, March 21, 2011

Makes My Monday: "fishin wif Daddy!"

Lily is one that doesn't let you forget what you tell her you will do. Last weekend, Dakota went fishing on the boat with Daddy and a friend. Lily was devastated! She wanted to go, too. She stayed up til they got back from their night fishing trip..and told Daddy "I ready go fishing!" So, Daddy promised she could go in 7 days! (the next weekend) Well, Miss Lily told everyone and anyone that would listen for the next 7 days that she was going "fishin wif my Daddy!" We would go into a public restroom and the lucky person washing their hands would find out about Lily's plans. :)

Saturday morning came (Jed is usually a night fisher, but he opted for a morning trip with Lily) and we headed out to the lake. Lily was SO excited. She was kind of stand offish about getting into the rocking boat..but we got in, life jacket on...and headed out. Of course, the motor was a bit a loud to Lily...the reason for her plugged ears in some pictures. We didn't stay out for a long time...but Lily "caught a fishy"...She reeled in her pole and was ever so excited to see a tiny fishy on the hook. Given it was the minnow we used as bait...but she was still excited! We did get to see some pretty seagulls and ducks. Lily conveniently spilled her bugles in the boat, so they were tossed in the lake...attracting quite a show!

getting used to the sound of the boat motor

Lily and Daddy


The rest of the day was spent outside...working on house stuff and mowing the backyard...and of course, playing!

Kota having fun in the backyard...He stayed overnight with grandma, so he didn't go fishing this time

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Amanda said...

Great pics of your fishing trip! Thats exactly how my twins talk too and they also hold you to every promise! So cute! Following from Makes my Monday!

Andrea said...

Coming over from Cheryl's link up....this is too sweet! Happy Monday! :)

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh what a fun time Miss Lily seems to have had fishing wif daddy! ;)


Your images Make My Monday. Thanks so much for playing along, Joy!

Kristi said...

What a cute story!!!!