Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Upcoming trip emotions

I don't know if I have talked about this before...But at Jed's work Christmas party, we found out that Jed won a trip to Arizona to a resort for highest sales or something similar to that. But it isn't just a free vacation. It's a company sponsored trip..so each night there are Welcome dinners, Themed dinners, and an Award's Ceremony with dinner included. We pretty much have the day to ourselves which is fantastic. I could use a break to just relax...no one asking me for more cereal or to watch Tom and Jerry again.

Anywho, I am eager and anxious at the same time (2 different feelings all together). I am eager to get away, see somewhere new, attempt to take some pretty fantastic pictures, etc.. But I am anxious about the unknown, the fancy dinners-meaning I need to find something to go along with the dress code. Jed will have to wear a suit and tie for the Award's Ceremony...something he hasn't worn since we got married (except for a wedding he was in). I'm headed out today with Miss Lu to find something that would be considered cocktail dress worthy. I hope to find something nice and versatile..especially with this blooming belly. ♥

So, yes! that is how I am feeling today...and I still need to pack, get all the kids laundry washed up and ready for Grandma and Boo to be here with the kids, write a note to Dakota's teacher about the change in pickup, etc. Thursday can't come soon enough....

The kids are excited that Mommy and Daddy are going to fly on a big plane. Lily wants to fly with us...Dakota is excited that Grandma will be here.

I need to start some laundry...and then pull out the luggage...I am attempting to pack everything in 1 bag!!! I think I can do it.

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Annie said...

I wish you have a wonderful time. Enjoy every minute.

Have a safe trip.