Monday, March 7, 2011

Makes My Monday: The Wall is UP!

Lu loved when the frame was up...she was in and out, and out and in!

In June, we will have lived in our house for 6 years. And finally, almost 6 years later, we have put up the wall in the garage. We would have put the wall up earlier, but time and money were our main enemies. When we bought our house, the garage was considered unfinished. They had put a makeshift wall up out of the garage door...and most of the walls of the garage were sheet rocked and border was put around the room. But we had the garage door taken down and we replaced it with Lattice to keep people out and our stuff in.

Jed and his mom (who I am sure could have her own HGTV show) worked most Saturday and Sunday to make the frame, rip down old siding, and finish up the wall.
Dakota even got in the action...helping paint the siding boards to match the rest of the house. Lily just loved being outside the whole time.

Lu Bell...enjoying some good outside time!

Jed showing Kota what to do

The guys painting the new wall!

Home improvements Make My Monday!! We are one step closer to either a quicker house sale or making our house bigger to accommodate our growing children. ♥

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Cheryl Lage said...

Nice work! Love the full family participation!

All your efforts shared Make My Monday! Thanks so much for playing along!