Monday, March 14, 2011

Makes My Monday: Windows and Kumquats

Lily with her bouquet of flowers from the can tell she has been outside playing all day with her dirty hands and face.

This weekend, we worked on windows outside and inside. I painted shutters (we are going from white to brown), cleaned the inside front windows, changed out the blinds, and cleaned out one flowerbed. Jed and his mom worked on getting all the old caulk off the windows and replacing with new caulk. We will be repainting the windows sometime this week. Lily was quite the little helper. She wanted to help with EVERYTHING...painting, window cleaning, etc. I finally convinced her that I needed her help to blow bubbles for me which she readily agreed to do. After that, she helped me by picking some more flowers. Dakota is more the kinda kid who wants to sit inside and watch TV or play video games. He was out and about for a bit. It was a perfectly sunny weekend.

Lily spraying the window...Boo (Jed's grandmother) is the one sitting in the chair

Helping mommy clean windows

Lu Bell and Daddy taking a rest

And of course, I had to throw in one of Dakota

I am now at Week 10....The baby is the size of a kumquat. Last week, Dakota was telling everyone that the baby was the size of a grape...thanks to for the visual aids in explaining to Dakota how the baby starts out super tiny. Things are going well. I am starting to get used to not having my morning cup of coffee. This baby must HATE coffee. Every time I drink it, It makes me sick. And my sense of smell is through the roof....I don't venture to the gym as much because of the conglomeration of smells there. But I do try to make it a few times a week. I am losing a bit of weight which I think is a combination of the baby's dislike for certain foods and the fun of morning sickness. I am not losing a rapid I'm not too worried.

This week is Spring Break for Dakota....which is fantastic. It came at the perfect time. Time Change effects everyone but especially us. Thankfully, we will have a week to get back on the right schedule. I hope to get out and about a bit this week with the kids...since we can go whenever and wherever.

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Cheryl Lage said...

Oh that picture with the flowers is SOOOO dear! (Looks like the front of a greeting card!)

LOVE that Dakota is hep to the "baby as food-size" process for pregnancy too!

Your family--and post---Makes My Monday---thanks for playing along, Joy!