Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day #2--doing better

Lilyann is doing better...she is off the pacemaker (it was on standby incase she needed it) Her heart is beating on it's own. She is officially off the oxygen. She has been breathing on her own since she came out of the OR; but her oxygen stats were not the best. The respiratory therapist was there this morning...dialating her airways and "stimulating" her lungs (helping to break up everything in her lungs that has settled) She had her first feeding this morning (before 8am) and she consumed 2oz of pedialtye in about 5 minutes...which is awesome. Before it took her almost 20 minutes to consume 1 oz. We are so overjoyed about the good eating report. This was her very first feeding since 3am on the day of she was one hungry baby. They will start her feedings back slowly...her degestive system needs to full wake she doesnt get a swollen tummy.
Lily was awake a little while ago...and she wasnt happy...she wanted to eat, and she wanted to be picked up. And she doesnt understand why we arent feeding her and picking her up. She was squeezing my finger today...and when they gave her a little more bottle, she reached up to help hold the bottle in place. Lily is getting fiesty, too...she wants to be moving around...Im so happy that she is doing ready for her to be moved to a regular room. Dr. Mendeloff said that she should be out of ICU tomorrow!!! YAY!!!

Continue to pray...and thank you for all the prayers from all over the world for our precious Lilyann.


"Grammy" Sue B said...

We send our love, prayers, and best wishes to everyone. I never realized just HOW WONDERFUL this modern blog stuff is!!!
Kisses....Aunt Sue


Thank you to Grandma for being so descriptive with your words. It helped us to feel as though we were really there with you.

Our hearts go out to Lily knowing that she does not understand all that is going on around her. We rest our hope in knowing that the Lord understands, and He holds her safe in the palm of His strong and mighty hands. He has His angels to stand over her and shelter her from harm.

I've always believed that little ones could see more than we can see. Whenever Mercy is drinking a bottle and stops to stare at nothing and smile, I thought her to be looking at an angel. I'm sure the angels will help little Lily to smile this time around.

We praise the Lord for Dr. Mendeloff and the gift God gave him to do this intricate and detailed surgery. The Lord guided his hands to help our little Lily.

We will continue to pray. Rest in His everlasting arms to find your strength when your are weak.

Christy For All
Ephesians 3:20

sweet_t23 said...

Modern medicine is awesome--to think that she could come home on Saturday is unbelieveable!
I know that it breaks your heart to see her in this condition, to have her want you and not be able to hold her must be terribly difficult.
I will be watching and waiting to see new pix of Lily growing and thriving and to see the changes in her.
You continue to be in our every prayer.