Monday, April 21, 2008

We are leaving the ICU

Yes!! we have the okay to leave the ICU...but we are still there. We are waiting for a room to become available for Lily. All of Lily's IVs, and tubes are out. She only has the sticker monitors on her and the pulse reader. They moved her into a she has her mobile up now, but she is asleep in Daddy's arms. Since yesterday, she has taken all her bottles by mouth...she is now up to 75ml (2.5 oz) by mouth every 3 hours. She is finally in her own clothes...and that makes a world of difference. Now just to get her to a regular room, so we can get our Lilyann home.

Thank you for the prayers and let us all continue to pray for her recovery.

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I know that my girls are most likely to pray for little Lily until she is old and gray :)). She is so embedded on all our hearts and minds.

This is a tremendous praise from the Lord regarding Lily. She has come a long way, and we give the glory to our GREAT God and Healer.

I wrote Tammie and told her that we are pretty sure that we are ALL going to go to Florida this summer for the "festivities." Now we need to inform your Mom and Dad unless Tammie has already done so :).

This makes me very excited knowing we will get to meet the little Lily we have so long prayed for.

Keep up the Good Work!

Christy For All
Acts 20:24