Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A successful surgery

Today was quite a day...Lily is now out of surgery...She is on pain medicine and she was breathing on her own...but her oxygen stats were going down and then back up, so they left her on the ventilator to help her out with breathing. They are planning on taking her off the ventilator within the next hour. She is doing good...and slowing waking up.

We did find out that the hole in her heart was the size of a nickel...just imagine her tiny fist (the size of her heart) and then a nickel...Wow!! no wonder she was so worn out.
Thank you for your prayers and continue to pray for Lilyann and her recovery.


"Grammy" Sue B said...

Dear Sweet Ones....
We are SO GLAD to hear from you, and PRAISE THE LORD for all He has done. I have had emails from some church friends who ask for updates, and I will have them refer to your blog. YES, we continue to pray for Lilyann, doctors & nurses, her Daddy, Mommy, brother, and everyone there with you. That hole was huge for Lily's little heart, but our God is HUGE and we praise Him for carrying Lily in His hands.
Aunt Sue and Uncle Millard

sweetT23 said...

AMEN! GOD is absolutely AWESOME!!
When will you be able to see her? hold and cuddle her? I know that you and Jed must be totally worn out from the anticipation of the surgery, especially while in the OR. Give Pam a great big hug from one G'ma to another.

Anonymous said...

Joy,Have been cking off and on all day to see if there was any news..And just when my friend from Dallas,TX. called me i saw where u had posted an update..Yes He is an Awesome God!!! And it is OK to lean on Him even more now,Please remember to take care of yourselves also ,'cause Lily will really need you more.A hospital stay is very taxing,even on the strongest.so take care...love you all,,Aunt Rita & Chace