Thursday, April 17, 2008

Still in the PICU....

Day #3....Lilyann is still in the PICU, but was moved to the less critical side of ICU--meaning 1 nurse to 2 patients instead of 1 nurse to 1 patient. Her color is looking better today. Her heart rate went up last night...she has arrythmia (dont know if i spelled that right)...which has her heart rate in the upper 180s...and it should be in the 140s. The Drs gave her some medicine to help bring her heart rate down a little...and she will have the infusion throughout the day as needed. Dr. Penn (pediatric cardioligist) told us that this is common which ventricular surgery patients. And that the medicine will help keep the electrical workings of her heart where they should be. If it slows her heart rate down too much, they will put her back on the pacemaker to help get Lily's heart rate where it should be. ~~it sounds like alot of heart talk, but all in all...this is common.
The Arrythmia has Lilyann in the PICU for yet another day...but it is better for Lilyann.

On a different note, i was able to feed Lilyann this morning...she took about 6-7 ml before getting fussy. She seems as if she is really uncomfortable... (TMI: she is passing lots of gas) The pain medicine is keeping her comfortable but in turn is keeping her digestive system slow. Right now, she is sleeping (they gave her some tylenol to keep her comfy) so she might eat some more later.

Continue to pray.

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Charity said...

It's great to hear about Lilyann's progress! I know it's hard to watch her be in pain or uncomfortable - but it sounds like she's fighting to get better :) We are praying for ya'll!

Jake & Charity