Saturday, April 12, 2008

Packing for Dallas

Lilyann~~19 weeks old
Lilyann in her johnny jump up
Dakota, just being Dakota

So, the long awaited surgery date is approaching...this week, i have started packing for Jed and I..and for Dakota (he will go with us for the first 2 days and then come back with Boo~Jed's grandmother~and Aunt Samantha) i packed a few outfits for Miss Lilyann; and of course, we are taking her mobile, her favorite blankets, and stuffed animals...things that are bright and familiar to cheer up her room.

This last week before the surgery has been a stressful one...on all of us. I had another outbreak of the hives (this also happened when Dakota got his tubes put in ~~Dec 2006) the positive side to it all, is that i already have the medicine, if another outbreak occurs while in Dallas. Dakota is getting a cough, again (i think it is from the weather changes, and seasonal allergies) And Jed has a possible staph!! i know, alot has happened in the last week. Lily on the other hand is holding up pretty good. She is getting more active...playing in her exersaucer, and johnny jump up...and she even rolled over the other day...just once, from back to tummy..Which is a major accomplishment for Miss Lilyann. My fear from the surgery is that she would have some delayed motor skills, since she wouldn't be allowed on her tummy for a while after the surgery...but Lily is a fighter..she is holding up better than all of us.

Lilyann's surgery will be on Tuesday, April 15th...she is still the first case of the day--we will check in at 6 am...and they should start her surgery anytime between 7-7:30am. It will be open heart surgery. Please pray for God's guidance on the hand of the surgeon, Dr. Eric Mendeloff. I will update when i have a chance..I was told there is Internet access in the waiting area, but if not, i will have my sister (Marg) post the updates she wont be sending out an will have to check this blog site for the updates..unless i get a chance to update all our friends and family.

We will be at Medical City Children's Hospital in Dallas, TX.

If you don't hear any updates, you can text Jed's cell is the number (903) 399-8178...just be sure to leave your name with the text (it is an AT&T number) so we know who we are replying to and giving out information. I ask that you don't call, but just text...we probably wont be able to answer all the calls. Thank you. And continue to pray for Lilyann and our family.


"Grammy" Sue B said...

Oh sweet Joy, Jed, Dakota....and of course LILYANN.....We love you so much and our hearts will be heavy in prayer throughout this journey God has you on. We will monitor the blog for updates, not only for us but for reports to our church who has been praying for you for months. At every service several people ask us about precious Lilyann. You have lots of loving friends here in Stamps, Arkansas!!!
Take our LOVE with you to Dallas...
Aunt Sue and Uncle Millard


Unless the Lord comes, be assured that the Shumaker Girls will be on our knees extra early Tuesday morning.

What time zone are you in for Texas? Central? Pacific? or Eastern?

I want to be certain that we have prayer being given at the exact time.

I pray even now as I type and read your blog entry. "Lord Jesus, protect and heal our precious Lilyann according to thy loving will."

"For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly" Psalm 84:11.

Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. He will strengthen your HEART...all ye who HOPE in the Lord.

Christy For ALL

The Smiths said...

we are in the Central Standard time zone...1 hour behind you all in SC

MawT23 said...

Your are in my every prayer since I read the news. Please keep me informed!