Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blueberry Muffin morning

The temperature is at a wonderful 72 degrees....misting a few sprinkles here and there now. This morning, there was thunder and heavy rain...and thanks to the storm, it is so nice outside.

Lily and I just came back inside from stomping in the puddles (Lily) and checking the mail (Me). If you linger long enough, the breeze comes through and reminds you of bits of lingering Spring and the prospecting arrival of Fall.
I really do love the summer with all the sun, and playing at the splash pads, slip n slides and sprinklers...but the arrival of Fall is grand and glorious. I am thankful for this little foretaste of beautiful weather...makes me endure summer a bit longer which in turns helps me to appreciate Fall (my favorite season).

This morning started out as me wondering why the kids were up so early...and to my surprise, the kids actually slept in...it was 9am! Due to the storm, I thought it was barely 7am. Raining days make for doing things we don't usually do...so today, we made blueberry muffins. Lily was excited when she saw me pull the mix down....but then started whining because muffins didn't just pop out of the mix package. I tried to let her taste the batter, but she didn't want anything to do with that. I told her just to wait...soon, we would all have muffins.

About 12 minutes later, the muffins were ready..hot and steamy! I let Lily taste a piece of the muffin that fell apart and she was more than ready for her OWN muffin. I let her have it...and she gobbled it down...leaving crumbs in her chair, which she picked up one by one.

~You know it tastes yummy when the kids clean up after themselves.

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