Monday, July 13, 2009

Makes My Monday

What makes my Monday??? I have never really thought about it. Usually, I get all caught up in the hub bub of another week starting...Jed is back at is just me and the kids, and I am tired from the weekend...laundry needs to be done...the kids are fussy from having 2 days off schedule from the regular week, and the list could go on 'til Tuesday. I never think about the positive of it all. But I was browsing my favorites blogs during nap time and came across...a Makes My Monday post at 7th HEAVEN and it got me thinking...

This is what Makes My Monday...

awww!! Sometimes I think that Dakota could care less about his sister, Miss Lu. But then again, that little guy surprises me. Not just a few minutes ago, he was pushing her down to get to the slide first...but he does have a heart. He ran to the edge of the park to pick some flowers for his "pretty girl".
That Makes My Monday!!

And here are some more pictures from our Monday morning.

Kota playing around at the park

Miss Lu...doing the scoot down the steps!!

This was after she was all wet from the splash!!!
Kota playing in the water...he was laughing his head off.


Cheryl Lage said...

Oh my goodness, what WONDERFUL pictures! You've got some darling sweethearts on your hands (who cares about the laundry! ;) )

Thank you so very much for Making My Monday by playing along, Joy! Hope you will often. :)

"Grammy" Sue B said...

Sweet Darling Kids!!! I can almost hear Dakota screaming with laughter on the water-pads. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Lilyann (all wet) with her precious pucker-lips!*!* I could kiss these kids every day...not just Monday!
(((hugs to you too)))...Aunt Sue