Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our story behind Oreos

Let me just tell you all about why Lily and Dakota think twice when handed an Oreo cookie....

A while ago, I got a bag of odds and ends toys mixed with some kids' clothes from a person on Freecycle (check it out...great place to get rid of stuff you don't use and get stuff you need without a cost!!) So, along with the clothes, books, and a few play dishes...came plastic food. We have lost most plastic food...but the infamous Oreo cookie is still here. It goes into hiding...under the bed, in the basket on the kitchen table, thrown into the kids' drawers, under mommy's pillow...and the list could go on.

Lately, I have found Lily walking around with it in her she is eating the cookie. And it is even funnier having someone come to your house and reach down to pick it up off the floor...and you know, they are thinking "Why is a perfectly good Oreo on the floor?" Well, it is plastic...a toy!

Last Saturday, I asked Jed to pick up a few things at the store and to grab a package of would be nice to have a treat...and I thought the kids would enjoy them, too. Jed comes home with the Oreos and Lilyann is at my feet (where she always is when I am in the kitchen) I open the package of cookies and hand her one.
The look on her face was priceless and I didn't have the camera close by to capture it. But she gave me this look like "I know that is plastic, mom! Do you think I am crazy and can be sent away with plastic cookies?"
It took, Jed taking a bite of the cookie and opening show Lily that we weren't crazy..eating plastic cookies. Now, she loves them!!

Jed and I were thinking...that is a way to get your kid to not eat junk food..let them play with the plastic junk food when they are young and they will just think that all junk food is plastic!!

**the cookie on the left in the top picture is the plastic cookie...could you tell the difference???**

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The Griffin Family said...

That is hilarious!!! Alex is like that with french fries. For a long time, he would only eat the ones that were crinkle cut like the plastic ones. Kids are awesome!! I love your new blog header. I though you did it until I read the post about it. I am totally adicted to scrapblog! I have already designed our Christmas and fall cards! Totally addicted I tell ya! :) Kat