Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

My Little Daredevil....she has fallen a lot this week, and it's only Wednesday..she fell out of the chair in the living room while trying to get the blinds and busted the inside of her mouth on the window seal. That was the bloodiest accident we have had in a while...and yet..she is still climbing and going everywhere.

Me (since I don't really post lots of pictures of myself) and my Miss Lu...on the trampoline Monday Evening. This was the same day as her busted lip...and you really can't even tell.

Dakota has a new infatuation with Daddy's PlayStation2. He loves playing it...He is playing The Lego Star Wars games. He was not happy that Lily was sitting in the chair with him (same chair she fell off of and busted her lip) and that mommy was distracting him to take pictures.

Wow!! this picture here is priceless...I caught Miss Lu at exactly the right time...You will see from the picture below that she was eating her pizza for lunch...just sitting in her chair, minding her own business..and then Mommy (how dare me!!) had to take a picture of her. It almost looks as if she was scolding me for taking her picture. But I must say..and hopefully this will make my dad proud...but Lily looks like my dad (Poppers) here. The stern look through the eyebrows, the finger raised to ward off any explanations as to "why" I did what I did.
wowzers!! nothing like a snapshot to set you straight!

Wordless Wednesday is what I usually do...but someone told me about Wordful Wednesday at sevEn cLoWn CirCuS I decided to link my blog up to hers and share all about my Wordful Wednesday. Enjoy!!

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Julie B. said...

Their so cute! That Miss Lu reminds me very much of my Katie at that age. The good news is she's made it to 4 AND she still hasn't broken a bone. Like you, I'll always have a lot to I've nixed the Wordless know - 7 Clown Circus hosts WordFUL Wednesday :)