Monday, July 6, 2009

Our 4th of July Weekend

Our 4Th July weekend started on July 3rd. Jed was we used that day to just spend time together. We slept in (well, slept until the kids woke up) and then decided to go to the splash pad. We got there and to our surprise no one else was there.

We had the splash pad to ourselves. The kids and I played in the water and then moved on to the park where we played and did some swinging. After our water/park fun, we stopped for donuts at the Mrs. Baird's outlet store..yummy!!
That evening, July 3rd, we met up with my sister, Marg and her family, Sam, Samantha, and Cash....for the fireworks show. It was spectacular!!!

Uncle Sam brought watermelon...oh! so yummy!! Lilyann just stood by her Uncle Sam..since was the one with the food. Kota has his fill of watermelon, too. At about 9:30 pm, the fireworks started which brought and ohs and awes from the kids.

Dakota was truly in awe of the fireworks; Lily on the other hand, she clung to Jed until they were finished.
As I sat and listened to the popping of fireworks and the jabbering of the kids, I thought about those who weren't able to see what I was seeing. The men and woman here and abroad serving our country. The sacrifice that they make so that we might be free. I think of a mommy friend of mine. Her husband is deployed right now...He is out there for not just his family but for all of our families. And my cousin, Kenny....I appreciate you and thank you for serving our wonderful country. I often wonder if I am the only one who gets chills just hearing the national anthem...listening to the fireworks popping in celebration of our freedom. It always brings tears to my eyes hearing the patriotic songs. I'm proud to be an American.

My Life

On July 4Th, we spent the day as a family. Playing outside on the slip n slide with the kids...and jumping on the trampoline...all while smelling the brisket going on the grill. Jed cooked the brisket and corn on the cob. I did the potatoes. It was quite a yummy day. After our big lunch and Lily's nap, we headed out to the lake.

We knew it would be busy, but we went to the lake for a walk in the woods. Kota brought his monkey of course (which I ended up carrying just a few short minutes into the trip) and Lily walked along checking out everything around her. It was nice. After our walk, we headed home but decided to stop for some ice cream. Below you can see Kota's face when he got his ice cream!!

After our outing, we headed back to the backyard for water balloons and watermelon. We tried to do some seed spitting, but Dakota thought that seed spitting was getting a mouthful of watermelon and spitting it all our seed spitting was quickly put to a stop.


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