Friday, July 17, 2009

Finally Friday

To me, this week has seemed to never end. I will be ready for Monday to come, though. Jed should be back to his regular early schedule for work. He has been working the later shift since the guy he works with was on reserves for the last 2 weeks. So, all of our schedules have been messed up. The kids going to bed later, since Daddy just got off work. But even with the later bed times, the kids have still been getting up bright and early...I think it is because they know that Daddy will be there when they wake up (on his early shifts, he is gone before they wake up and home after nap time).

I have been having some pretty fierce headaches...haven't had this many in quite a while...I'm thinking that they could be associated with my neck hurting as well. My headaches turn into migraines which in turn make me feel like doing nothing.

Kota..this is a very rare occurrence

So...all that to say...I took a small break on the blogging this week. We have been busy, though. Nothing like a migraine to make mommy take the kids to the park, splash pad, lake, you name it...just to get them all worn out to take a nap...or just sleep through the night. We have done it this week.
Monday, we went to the park and the splash pad. Tuesday, we went to my sister's house...let the kids play with their cousins and run off some energy.
we hooked up the sprinkler and put it under the trampoline and the kids played for a while..made a trip to the gym (just for mommy's sanity) and then ended off with Bible Study at church (which Kota sat through rather peacefully...he fell asleep).
Thursday we didn't do a lot..but we did make a trip to Sam's Club, and then head home for Lily's nap. After the nap that never happened..due to Dakota's excitement of going to the lake..he HAD to wake up Pretty Girl and tell her all about it. We headed off to the lake. I have never been to the lake with the kids by this was quite an excursion. We were there for about an hour. Kota kicked around in the water and played. He "swam" out into the deeper water (waist high for me) and enjoyed himself. Miss Lily fell into the water in the shallow I think the trauma of that ruined her enjoyment of the lake..from the point on, she was attached to my hip...and only let go, when I pulled out graham crackers from our park bag.

I had a good time at the lake...and plan on doing it again, next week..but hopefully, my sister will come and bring her kids. More kids make the lake that much more fun!! And the major excitement of the lake was that we saw a helicopter. It landed in the field by the lake...Kota was entranced...Lily wasn't too fond of the noise...which didn't help with the already clinginess!!

And now you know the story of the title....Finally Friday!!

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Cheryl Lage said...

What a week! I'm glad that it is Finally Friday! :) Have a WONDERFUL well-deserved relaxing weekend!