Monday, September 14, 2009

Downhill adventure

Dakota..just before he took off on his down hill adventure

Friday...I decided to get the kids out early. Well, we didn't end up outside early, but we did get out before lunch. I thought...I can push Lily in the stroller and Kota can ride his bike. We can make a trek around the block, maybe venture to the duck pond, and end up at the consignment store near us...and then head on home. All in hopes of the kids actually napping!

swimming away

Kota checking out the pond

So, off we go...Kota has his helmet on..riding his bike like a pro...we trek out through the neighborhood heading to the duck pond. What an adventure it was just to get Dakota off his bike to cross the main street before we got to the pond. Then we head uphill...the going is slow...but at least Dakota decided to get off his bike and push it uphill. Very smart kid.

We see the ducks...well, they saw us and swam off pretty fast..Kota says because we didn't have any bread for the duckies. We saw a few fish in the pond (since the water was so low) and then I decided...let's head back and attempt to go to the consignment store ( I was hoping to find Dakota a new PlayStation 2 he could have something fun to do in case he didn't nap). So, off we go. Me pushing Lily in the stroller and Kota riding off on ahead. As he nears the downhill part of our trek.

Me: "Kota, you should probably get off your bike and push it down the hill"
Kota: "I will ride slow, mommy"
Me: "I don't think you can, Kota, you will go too fast."
Kota: "I will ride slow, mommy"

Next thing you know, he is going down the hill...FAST!!! He is calling, " me stop!" ...I am running now, pushing the stroller and running as fast as I can to catch Dakota (all I can think is he is not going to get control of his bike and run right through the busy cross street ahead)...but I make it..and get him pushed off the road onto the grass. Kota gets off his bike and says through tears, "Mommy, I didn't want to ride fast, that is why I was crying. I don't want to ride no more, mommy...that was too fast"

So, Kota is saved...I am now dragging a bike behind me while pushing the unphased Lily in the stroller. We get across the street and Kota decides he can ride his bike the rest of the way home. We never did make it to the consignment store...but after that downhill adventure. I think we all needed to rest.


Annie said...

That was a horrible experience. Thanks God, everything is fine.

Besides that, everyone enjoy the walk.

How is your mom?

A little piece of 7th heaven said...