Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our "rainy" day


On Thursday, Jed worked a split shift (4-8 am and 4-8pm) he was home when it looked like the clouds would drop the bottom out...and rain down on us. So, Jed and I decided...let's get the yard mowed before that happens and then the rain can water our grass and all will be well.

I had the kids outside to help them run off some energy thinking we would be confined for the rest of the day in the house (due to the threat of rain)....and hoping that I could help Jed with some of the mowing. Even though I asked a million times, Jed did all the mowing himself...while I played with the kids and took some pretty candid pictures.

It was a fun, cool, windy day....with lots of threats of rain...and what we did get was a mere sprinkle that only blurred the chalk drawings on our front porch. But the cool temperatures gave me the chance to open all the windows throughout the house and air the house out. Fun!! Just remember to keep screens on the kids' windows or every toy will end up outside on the grass....way to clean your room, Lily and Kota!!!

These are all the toys that were thrown out the kids' window...craziness!!! everything but the kitchen

Lily loves to walk around with her tongue hanging out...I guess it helps her to walk..I don't know

Kota...mid rock!

Kota kicking the ball to me...can you tell he has been playing outside with no shoes on almost all day?

Lily's hair blowing in the breeze...look at all that hair!!

Jump, Jump Lily Lu

When you're up, you're up; and when you're down, you're down!!

I hope you enjoyed the massive amounts of pictures....We had a good time that day even if it didn't rain! Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

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Annie said...

Great pictures. It looks like besides the rain everyone had a good day.

Have a nice weekend.

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