Friday, September 18, 2009

Week in review

Miss Lily...on the front porch in her rocker

Today's random post...Since Lily is FINALLY napping and now Kota is playing the infamous Lego Star Wars, I have a few minutes to myself and my now cold cup of coffee.
I have lots of different things on my mind today...first and foremost...I am ready for the rain to stop!! and just as I typed started raining harder...ugh!! Is that a sign or what???!

We have been outside at almost every time it isn't raining...It misted (is that the right word) most of yesterday, I figured..the kids will get wet outside from the grass and whatnot..just let them go out and run off some energy before it starts pouring again. We get out there and silly me takes a magazine to read while the kids are playing...and the Karma gets me. The downpour starts...ugh!!

Don't get me wrong, now. It has been a good rain, a slow and steady rain (even with the karma downpours) for a week now...our grass is greener, the air smells cleaner, etc. I guess Mother Nature is getting East Texas all nice and clean before Fall makes it's appearance. Tuesday is the First Day of Fall/ favorite season, I might add.

Kota...trying to fit in the diaper box..they don't make them like they used to

We have been inside a lot this week. And we have had our outside time..when the weather would allow. The kids have become attached to the neighbor's kitty. And the kitty seems to like them as well. Kota now knows to just sit in our front yard and rub the grass and the kitty will come a pouncing. Lily charges the we are trying to teach her to be gentle with kitty.

Playing with Kitty

Lily is looking for kitty..but kitty has found Lily

Lily at the football field..she's almost 2!!

Kota kicking the balls around

Let see...when we had a few hours of no rain on Wednesday, we went to the nearby football field and I let the kids play some running, jumping, just getting energy out!! It was a fun walk..and on the way back, it started sprinkling. Thankfully, I had the jogging stroller on this adventure...Kota in the seat and Lily in the step seat. Kota and Lily thought it was fun to ride fast down the hill to our house..and I got a good jog in!! Nothing like FREE entertainment for the kids (and all those

Getting ready for our walk home...

And is doing better. It has been a week since I found out that mom broke her hip...and she is recovering nicely.

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Annie said...

We had rain all week, too. But you did wonderful things with the kids.