Thursday, September 10, 2009

Playground fun

Lily's attempt to belly swing

You can do or be anything as long as you have a shred of imagination. Let me tell you..Dakota has a vivid imagination.

Today, we went to the playground and played, of course. Lily loves to swing, so we headed over to the swing set and got on the swings...and swinging they went. Kota likes to swing high...Lily does, too...but she isn't all that brave when the swing starts going fast. Lily gets the little pushes and Kota gets the underdogs (remember those from grade school days?)

Kota showing me his foot

Nothing is more carefree than swinging. Swinging is relaxing...feeling the breeze on your face...looking up into the sky. Just peaceful. A simple swing can turn you into a rocket ship shooting up into the sky...a plane flying through...or a kite flying up into the sky and back.
You can swing how ever you want...on your bottom (traditional way), on your belly (my kids' favorite way), and standing (thankfully, my kids haven't mastered that yet).

Crazy haired Lily...looking for the airplane we could hear

The simplest of things bring the greatest afternoon fun. For a while there, Kota would play with sticks...he was Peter Pan, and I was Captain Hook. Fun times. I love spending the afternoon and mornings outside...away from all the cartoons, TV, video games. Just simple fun...that wears you out! :P

Kota swinging high!


Annie said...

I agree with you, those are the most important and beautiful moments that we could share with our kids.

Definitely, all of you have a great time. Lovely pictures.

Heather said...

Wonderful photos! You have a beautiful family and great blog. Thanks for coming to mine.

Annie said...

Hey Joy, I send the towel today. I think you may receive by Wednesday or Thurday.

Hope you like it.

Have a nice weekend.

PS: You are one of my friends and thanks for all your comments. BTW, I answer your question of "sofrito".