Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Growing up

Lilyann (Labor Day weekend)

Lilyann is growing up in some areas and then in other areas (comfort wise) she wants to stay a little forever.

Lily wants to do everything that Dakota does. She thinks she can climb up into the "castle" of the swing set and try to get onto the monkey bars like Kota does...and she actually tried!!! I had to get her down or that would have been a fall to remember. And Lily voiced her disapproval (another area of we are working on with her talking).

But Miss Lily still wants to have her bottle...we have been bottle free for almost 4 weeks now. Silly me hasn't put the bottles up out of sight...they are in the cabinet that we rarely use...but Smart Little Lily never forgot. She has been pointing to the counter every time I put her in her seat to eat...so today, I let her get up on the counter and show me what she wants (since she isn't talking much still) and she opened that cabinet...took out a bottle and handed it to me to fill up with milk!!! I was shocked. So, right then and there, we took all the bottles and put them in a bag and I put them away (when she wasn't looking). That smart little girl wanted a bottle...her 2nd favorite soothie. Her blanket is first and then it was her bottle.

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Annie said...

She is beautiful. And looks so big. God bless your kids, Joy.