Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Say What ?!?!?! Wednesday & WBW

Say What ?!?!?!

Today, I am going to play along with 2 mommies' blogs. Missy's blog Two Little Monkeys
for Say What ?!?!?! Wednesday--> this is where you jot down the funny, embarrassing or silly things your kids or anyone one else have said recently.
Well, it never fails..Dakota always has something funny or "wow, that really came from him" to say.

Sunday night, Dakota wasn't feeling too hot...he went on to sleep, but then woke up an hour or 2 later saying that his head hurt. As I was sitting in there trying to get him to take some medicine for his headache, he asked for a towel. (TMI alert) We get the towel just in time as he begins to throw up. Now, this mommy here doesn't have a strong stomach. So, it was quite a trying to keep it together and Kota losing it all. back to "Say What ?!?!?!"
All cleaned up and back in bed, Dakota proceeds to tell me, "Sleep with me, Mommy, I don't want to "grow up" no more" He kept saying "grow up" for throw up.
Believe me, Kota, I don't want you to grow/throw up either!!
It was funny, because he had told the same thing to Lily over the weekend..."don't grow up in your crib, Pretty girl...Don't grow up"

And now for Way Back When-esday (WBW) If you wanna play along, look back through your old photos and post a picture from Way Back When...then link up to Cheryl's blog Twinfatuation
to play along.

Lilyann with Katie..Labor Day Weekend 2008

Dakota with Brooke...Labor Day Weekend 2008

I stole this theme idea to share previous Labor Day Pictures from a fellow blogger....and keeping with the water themed pictures from this week...Here you go. This was Lily's first labor Day...and her first time swimming in the big pool at Nana's house (Brooke and Katie's Nana)


monica said...

Aww that is sweet we don't want him to grow/throw up either. Cute pictures with her mouth open!

Annie said...

Too funny and I said the same thing don't grow/throw up.

Great pictures.

Of course, I want the recipe for the salsa. Thanks for helping me.

"Grammy" Sue B said...

Dakota and Lily,
Aunt Sue doesn't want you to "grow up" either!
Love you....Aunt Sue

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

What a precious Say What?!?! Wednesday post. Poor little thing - I hope he is feeling better soon! Thanks for playing along!!!!

Cheryl Lage said...

Awwwwww, poor thing! Who doesn't want to dodge the grow up/throw up?

Love your Way Back When-esday post...thank you so much for playing along, Joy!