Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bread for the duckies

Dakota watching the ducks

Lily trying to see the ducks..and holding onto her bread tight

I know that Daylight savings time is coming soon because it is getting darker earlier. But this past week, the days have seemed so long. Jed is now working as a route driver for Safety-Kleen...so that means a new schedule. He still goes to work before the kids get up, but not as early. And now he gets home around 5 (if not later) in the evening. The pay is better than his warehouse job...it just takes some getting used to the new schedule.


Our poor van has been messing up...leaking power steering fluid...so, I have been without a vehicle this week (another thing to get used to). We have been inside most of this week thanks to the rain...now, don't get me wrong..we needed the rain...It is just cabin fever sets in fast with toddlers. So, anytime it wasn't raining, we have been running outside to play for a few minutes.
Finally, the rain stopped this afternoon (for how long, I don't know...but we enjoyed the nice weather while we had it)

My sweet Lily

So, I decided to take the kids to the pond again...a good walk before bedtime would surely help them sleep better!! This time, we go on foot...meaning no bikes. I still had Lily in the stroller since we were crossing a busy street....so off we go...to see the duckies...with bread, I might add.

Eating away on her bread

Lily wanted to hold the bread on the way there..and she smushed it all up. I give her a glob of bread which she proceeds to eat..and I give Kota some. He throws his glob in right away..and the fish (and probably a turtle or two) devoured it! I showed Dakota how to make little bread balls and throw them to the duckies to get them to come near us. And it worked. Kota had the duckies so close. He was talking to them and quacking away...all the while Lily is standing there eating her bread.

Kota throwing some bread to the duckies

It was a fun walk...exactly what we needed after being inside for the past few days. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

And here is a little update on my mom:
She is doing good...took a few steps on Monday. The drs are trying to regulate her medicine...so that she is not in pain, but is still coherent. And they have put her back on her daily coumadin. The pain is tremendous right now as they are trying to regulate it. So, continue to pray for comfort for my mom and for a painless recovery.

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Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Feeding the ducks is so much fun! What great pictures!!!
So glad to hear that your mom is doing better!